GP the Musical

Cast and crew at Bullarto Hall 03_09_2012

Celebrating the humour, the pathos and the colourful characters that inhabit our waiting rooms, GP the musical takes an ordinary day in an ordinary general practice and adds music and fun.

The writers, director and performers are all practising GPs, who take time out from their day jobs to sing and dance about their day jobs.

GP the Musical premiered at the National GPET Convention 2012 in Melbourne on the 4th September 2012 after a preview performance in Daylseford, Victoria on the 3rd September.

It received overwhelmingly positive responses from the general public and medical fraternity alike. The cast was keen to perform again.

The writers, Genevieve Yates and Gerard Ingham, expanded the show, adding new dialogue and two new songs, and set their sights on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).

It had 5 sell-out shows at the 2013 MICF, at the Gasworks theatre, Albert Park, and received glowing reviews from both audience members and critics.

GP the Musical was then performed on Thursday 17th October 2013 at the Darwin Convention Centre as part of the GP13 Conference.  You can find a blog post (with photos) about the Darwin show here.

It  “came back again” for a sellout season at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney 14 – 17 September 2017.

GP the musical poster (GPET Convention)

GP the musical poster 2013 (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

GP the musical program (GPET convention 2012)

GP the musical program 2013 (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

GP The Musical_A4 Poster (NIDA, Sydney, Sept 2017)

GP the musical review in Good Practice (GPET convention show 2012)

GP the musical review in Aussie Theatre (MICF show 2013)

GP the musical article in MJA

GP the musical in Pulse+IT

GP the musical review in Sydney Morning Herald September 2017

GP the musical video clip links:

Stop your complaining (GPET)

You don’t listen to a word I say (GPET)

E-health records (MICF)

The one to see is your GP (MICF)

When did the sadness come?


Lyrics: When did the Sadness Come?

Here in this picture with my degree

Proud, proud parents next to me

Across my face spreads a smile so wide

Not a trace of what’s hidden inside

When did the sadness come?

I worked so hard, you didn’t understand

Left behind, no wedding band

Late at night when I’m all alone

I see your number’s still on my phone

When did the sadness come?

All their problems day after day

Take their toll, can’t get away

The dying hand that I held so tight

Her frightened face keeps me awake at night

When did the sadness come?


I didn’t see the sadness come

Ignored the signs; brought me undone

I was trapped inside the doctor myths

I couldn’t sit where the patient sits

I couldn’t heal myself

Cast photos

Christine (Crystal)

Christine (Crystal)

Ann-Marie (Kathy)

Ann-Marie (Kathy)

Karen (Tiffanie)

Karen (Tiffanie)

Patrick (Mr Black)

Patrick (Mr Black)

Ed (Dr White)

Ed (Dr White)

Allison (Nora)

Allison (Nora)

Writers of GP the musical_Gerard and Genevieve

3 thoughts on “GP the Musical

  1. Hello,
    My name is Robert Hanner and I work at YourHealth Brighton. My staff and I would like to attend your musical. Please provide us information as to how to book.

    Kind Regards
    Dr Robert Hanner

  2. Congratulations to the GP the musical team
    What an excellent performance and a wonderful cast. I enjoyed every minute and am so impressed by the talent and enthusiasm of my colleagues.

    Well done!! From Ewa

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