Deprescribing: a fancy word for ceasing?


DeprescribingWhat’s old is new again. Hipster beards are so in, they’re out, and where we used to simply cease medications—we now deprescribe them.

The art of commencing medicinal herbs dates back to Neolithic times. The art of stopping them began about a week later.

Probably why Hippocrates had to remind us to do no harm.

With this history, we gen-dinosaur GPs have recently been scratching our beardy chins wondering how we missed the memo that deprescribing is now a ‘thing’.

Mind you; old or new, learning how to stop medication is critical for patient care. And hopefully, now we have a word for it, tomorrow’s deprescribers will do it smarter and harder than we ever did.

Our generation received no explicit teaching, gleaning what we could from our mentors and, no doubt, from our mistakes.

A recent article in The Conversation highlights the dubious practice of using one…

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2 thoughts on “Deprescribing: a fancy word for ceasing?

  1. de prescribing sounds gentle and does not comes across as loud as ceased. If you happened to be the rural lowly GP who visits nursing home, wards and low level care. You have to sign your name against the red bold label stare at you on the drug chart as Ceased with a date etc,
    not to mention upon next visit the other GP has represcribed it again.
    Why don’t we officially adopt word de prescribed than ceased in Bold.

  2. Re: “10 per cent of Australians over 65 years taking 10 or more medications”

    Well at least your over-65 parents take zero regular prescription medicines (ie. if you don’t count my using up my remaining Vagifem at the rate of one per week, oh and Stilnox, of which I use a half tablet judiciously when really necessary, and antibiotics for the very occasional stubborn UTI – together do those count as three?).

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