Last Word

From January 2011 to December 2013, I was a regular columnist for the most widely-read medical newspaper in Australia, Australian Doctor.  I wrote humorous articles for the Last Word column, located on the back cover of the publication.  The column was discontinued at the end of 2013 and replaced with advertising space.

Links to articles:

Please note: The Australian Doctor website has restricted access – Australian registered doctors and medical students only.

6th December, 2013 On Constructive Criticism

15th November, 2013 On Twitter

18th October, 2013  On the lucky non-VR doctors

20th  September, 2013 On Going Undercover

30th August, 2013 On Perspective

2nd August, 2013 On Policital Correctness Gone Mad

5th July, 2013  On Sports Task – Blog

7th  June, 2013 On getting ‘closure’

9th May, 2013 On cabbies and GPs – Blog

12th April, 2013: On playing it safe

15th March, 2013: On theatrical stress-busting – Blog

15th February, 2013: On prostates and fingers – Blog

17th January, 2013: On the Big C – Blog

21st November, 2012: On Halloween – Blog

24th October, 2012: On plagiarism – Blog

28th September, 2012: On GP Matchmaking – Blog

7th September, 2012:  On getting help – Blog

9th August, 2012 On an ECT visit – Blog

13th July, 2012 On being a medical educator – Blog

15th June, 2012 On the Medicine of Laughter – Blog

17th May, 2012 On Unsolicited Advice – Blog (Australian Doctor)

19th April, 2012 On Referral Letter Etiquette – Blog–on-referral-letter-etiquette

22nd March, 2012 On being GAY – Blog–on-being-gay (Australian Doctor)

22nd February, 2012 The PAP “tweet” – Blog–on-pap-smears (Australian Doctor)

2nd February, 2012. On False Dichotomies – Blog–on-false-dichotomies (Australian Doctor)

8th December, 2011: On Moving On – Blog (Australian Doctor)

9th November, 2011: On Clock Watching – Blog—8211;-on-clock-watching (Australian Doctor)

13th October, 2011: On Being Intense – Blog (Australian Doctor)

15th Sept, 2011:  On Placement Programs – Blog (Australian Doctor)

18th August, 2011:  On Surpises – Blog (Australian Doctor)

21st July, 2011: On Becoming a Better Whore – Blog (Australian Doctor)

23rd June, 2011: On Coming Out – Blog (Australian Doctor)

26th May, 2011:  On Money-back Guarantees – Blog (Australian Doctor)

28th April, 2011:  On Male Postnatal Depression – Blog (Australian Doctor)

31st March, 2011: On Airline Anguish – Blog (Australian Doctor)

3rd March, 2011: On Removing Socks – Blog (Australian Doctor)

3rd February, 2011: On Being On Call – Blog (Australian Doctor)

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