Links to selected on-line publications

“Counting our Blessings” Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, March 2015, p 25

“Medical Collegiality” Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, November 2014, p 25

“Mobile phone etiquette”, Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, June 2014, page 15

“The Jellybean Dilemma”, Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, April 2014, page 15

“Email gone astray”  – 23rd June, 2014

“Like being at your own funeral – without the inconvenience of dying” – 23rd April. 2014

“Extolling the benefits of learning plans” 25th March 2014

“Money-back guarantees” 11th March 2014

“Socks, Kiwis and Surgical Removal (of socks, not Kiwis)” 24th February, 2014

“Male Postnatal Depression – a sign of equality or a load of nonsense?” 9th February, 2014.

“What is means to be an Australian… with skin cancer” 29th January, 2014

I hate being on call – I’m just not good at sleeping on the job” 17th January, 2014

Physician don’t heal thyself“,  December 2013

The Cat 4s“, short story, winner of the national “Are you a Scribe?” competition, run by Medical Observer. Published 6th December 2013

“Coming to terms with how little we know”, Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, August 2013 (Article Download)

“Pass the tissues please”, Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, June 2013 (Article Download)

“Swamp Gardening”, Portraits of General Practice, Good Practice magazine, Jan/Feb 2013 (Issue Download)

Physician don’t heal thyself  Why doctors shouldn’t self treat. First published in MIPS Review Autumn Edition, March 2012

Dealing with Bullies  A tongue-in-cheek look at bullying patients. First published in MIPS Review Spring Edition, September 2011

Adam – a personal essay.  First published in Pulse Magazine, October, 2010

Wit ‘n’ wisdom Feb 26, 2010, Medical Observer.

Silver Linings (novel) Kindle version (suitable for Kindle Readers, iPad’s, PCs etc.) and paperback copies available.

Adam and Eve (a one act play)  Published by the Australian Script Centre in 2011.

Last Word Articles in Australian Doctor

Please note: The Australian Doctor website has restricted access – Australian registered doctors and medical students only.

6th December, 2013 On Constructive Criticism

15th November, 2013 On Twitter

18th October, 2013  On the lucky non-VR doctors 

20th  September, 2013 On Going Undercover

30th August, 2013 On Perspective

2nd August, 2013 On Policital Correctness Gone Mad

5th July, 2013  On Sports Talk

7th  June, 2013 On getting ‘closure’

9th May, 2013 On cabbies and GPs

12th April, 2013: On playing it safe

15th March, 2013: On theatrical stress-busting

15th February, 2013: On prostates and fingers

17th January, 2013: On the Big C

21st November, 2012: On Halloween

24th October, 2012: On plagiarism

28th September, 2012: On GP Matchmaking

7th September, 2012:  On getting help

9th August, 2012 On an ECT visit

13th July, 2012 On being a medical educator

15th June, 2012 On the Medicine of Laughter

17th May, 2012 On Unsolicited Advice

19th April, 2012 On Referral Letter Etiquette

22nd March, 2012 On being GAY

22nd February, 2012 The PAP “tweet”

2nd February, 2012. On False Dichotomies

8th December, 2011: On Moving On

9th November, 2011: On Clock Watching

13th October, 2011: On Being Intense

15th September, 2011:  On Placement Programs

18th August, 2011:  On Surpises

21st July, 2011: On Becoming a Better Whore

23rd June, 2011: On Coming Out

26th May, 2011:  On Money-back Guarantees

28th April, 2011:  On Male Postnatal Depression

31st March, 2011: On Airline Anguish

3rd March, 2011: On Removing Socks

3rd February, 2011: On Being On Call

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