What Would the Coroner Think? A short film

"What would the Coroner Think?" DVD artwork

“What would the Coroner Think?” DVD artwork


“What Would the Coroner Think?” is a 20 minute film designed to be used as a teaching tool to initiate discussion on a broad range of themes relevant to GP training.  It comes as a kit which includes the DVD and different teaching guides to help use the DVD with GP registrars, supervisors and medical educators. Topics include dealing with medical errors, rural general practice challenges, supervisor support and debriefing, GP registrar orientation, common problems in basic term registrars, self-care for registrars and supervisors and the discussion of ethical issues e.g. boundaries.


The film tells the fictional story of registrar Anna Morris, who starts her GP term 1 in a small country town under first time supervisor, Kate Reid.  Anna’s term gets off to a flying start.  However, three weeks in, two unfortunate incidents occur within a week of each other.  Neither is terribly uncommon nor catastrophic, but circumstances are not in Anna’s favour.  Exaggerated stories of her mishaps spread along the small town grapevine and her professional reputation suffers.   It becomes too much for Anna – she wants out.  Kate, too, is feeling out of her depth.  Will Anna stay and complete her term?


“What Would the Coroner Think?”

(Youtube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpZtTzCUSvI)

Full film can be downloaded here (324 MB)

Teaching guide can be downloaded here

Copies of the DVD/ teaching guides are available from GPTQ (General Practice Training Queensland)  – formerly CSQTC (Central and Southern Qld Training Consortium).  ph 07 35528100

GPTQ Contacts: Ms Julie Ball or Ms Susan Garside

Website: http://www.gptq.qld.edu.au/

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