Novel: Silver Linings

Description of ‘Silver Linings’ 

Novel: General Fiction, 328 pages.

Dr. John Peterson and his pregnant wife, Sarah, move nearly 2000km across the country hoping for a fresh start.  They soon discover that it’s not so easy to run away from established behaviour patterns and past hurts.  John’s patient, Taryn, and her two children make the move too, escaping a violent home life.  John’s new boss and Taryn’s landlord, Dr. Eloise Sutherland, doesn’t know what to make of the relationship between John and Taryn.  Eloise is trying to come to terms with traumatic events in her past, and her emerging feelings about John and the presence of Taryn complicate matters considerably.  Taryn’s seven-year-old son, Oscar, however, brings immense joy into Eloise’s life.  Precocious and highly sensitive, Oscar is bullied at his new school but finds solace in classical music when Eloise starts giving him piano lessons.

As their presents become increasingly intertwined and their pasts intrude in unexpected ways, all five main characters find themselves facing difficult decisions and enormous challenges.  Not everyone will make it through unscathed… or at all.

Set in modern-day regional Australia, ‘Silver Linings’ explores the universal themes of loss, trauma, love and redemption.  Its fast-paced plot and numerous twists and turns will keep the reader engaged until the final page.

How to order:

It is available as an e-book on… Kindle version (suitable for
Kindle Readers, iPad’s, PCs etc.) at only $2.99!

Paperback and hardcover copies are also available for order online

If you have trouble with the above links, you can search for “silver linings genevieve yates” on for the paperback or on for the Kindle eBook.

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