How to pass the RACGP exams – Leela’s way

A very practical and useful post chock full of study tips by a recent successful exam sitter   (the below are personal views of Leela and not endorsed by the RACGP)


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.40.26 PM

Guest writer: Dr Leela is a GP registrar completing her training in Hervey Bay and will soon be returning to Brisbane with her wonderful family. She recently successfully completed her FRACGP exams.

“A few people have asked me for exam tips so here it is. Don’t take it as gospel. There are a hundred different ways to study and pass these exams, this is just my way.”

How long to study for?

I studied formally for about 6 months before the written exams, probably somewhere around the 10-20h per week depending on what else was going on; sometimes more and sometimes less. However, I’m possibly not the most efficient and tend to get distracted by Facebook way too easily. From my experience, how much you “need” to study is a very individual thing. I did pass well, and to be honest I probably could have done less study and still…

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